Frequently Asked Questions

  • What program should i use to connect to The Airlock Network?
    • There are several choices.  We’ll list some of the most popular:
      • mIRC – mIRC is probably the most popular IRC software out there.  It does have a registration fee of $20 to help fund development and such.
      • IceChat – IceChat is also a very popular client, and it’s freeware meaning you don’t have to pay for it.
      • Colloquy – Colloquy is an IRC client for the MacOS and iOS.
      • Mutter – Another IRC client for iOS.
      • ChatZilla – ChatZilla is a clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, built on the Mozilla platform.
      • AndChat – AndChat is a great IRC client for Android OS.  They offer a free version and a paid version.
      • AndroIRC – AndroIRC is another great IRC client for the Android OS.  They also offer a free and paid version.
      • Our Site – Our website has a built in chat!
      • KiwiIRC – KiwiIRC is a web based IRC client that runs in your browser.
      • Mibbit – Mibbit is a Java based client that runs in your browser.
      • There are several other programs that IRC chat built in.  Pidgin, Trillian, and Miranda IM are examples.
  • What servers should I connect to?
    • Generally everybody should use “irc.theairlock.net”.  This is our round robin server that auto assigns what server you connect to.
    • If you have issues you can try using one of the following servers that are located throughout the world.
      • alpha.theairlock.net – Dallas, TX, USA
      • echo.theairlock.net – Frankfurt, De
  • What Port(s) should I use?
    • Standard IRC port 6667
    • Port 8080
    • Standard IRC port 7778 for SSL Connections
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